Monday, November 27, 2017

Ratko Mladic: Agaknya mana yang lebih derita, dihukum bunuh atau dikurung seumur hidup

chedet  - 26 Nov 2017

1. The International War Tribunal in the Hague, Holland, has found Ratko Mladic, the butcher of Srebrenica, guilty of genocide. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

2. Many may not have heard of the massacre of eight thousand Bosnian Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica, Bosnia Herzegovina. These people were forced to dig their own graves before being shot or bludgeoned to death and thrown into the graves.

3. Ratko Mladic as commander of the Serb army ordered the killing and oversaw the horrible massacre. His intention was to wipe out the Muslims of Europe so that Europe would truly become Christendom. It was genocide that he intended to achieve.

4. There had been massacres in Europe in the past. But after the Second World War ended with victory of the Western democratic powers, there were no more pogroms against the Jews.

5. But the Serbs still harbour the idea that Europe is exclusively for Christians. It is not a place for Muslims. And so the genocidal massacre in Srebrenica.

6. The surviving relatives of the victim can only partially rejoice that justice has finally been done. But a life sentence cannot compensate for the fears and sufferings of the Bosnians as they were led to the killing field to be murdered in cold blood.

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  1. hukum kapir tak sama ngan hukum Allah
    nyawa dibayar nyawa kecuali dimaafkan oleh waris mangsa ynag dbunuh