Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Banggakah kita?

22 March 2016

Najib's government has achieved the no 2 spot as the world most corrupted nation?

Najib was in Pahang to deny his involvement in multi billion financial scandals that was read by the world freely from international media houses. Najib just deny his involvement without doing anything to suppress the issue against him. Many quarters have been insisting him to sue and take legal actions against those media houses, and that was the only way out for him to come out clean and continue on leading this country.

However his apprehension to sue and take legal actions against those media houses especially the WSJ is as good as admission of guilt leveled against him by most of the world leaders and civil organizations globally. Right now Najib is guilty unless he goes on to take drastic legal actions against those media houses. Somehow we know Najib has no way of defending the issue stigmatized on him.

That was why there were calls for him to resign as he is directly admitting guilt by keeping quiet without the courage of going to the court and bring WSJ to justice. By his sticking to power he is in actuality burdening his fellow cabinet members and the Supreme Council members of the party he leads.

However Najib can choose not to solve his problems but he shouldn’t bring the rakyat and the nation going down with him. He must face for his self-inflicting wrong doings and he must not be using force or his executive muscle to remain in power. Najib should take some pride for himself by resigning as he has no more time to think and work for the people. He is totally indecipherable to lead and he should resign instantaneously. His leadership has proven to be disastrous and he is a failed leader absolutely.

The rakyat want to see that all members of parliament to act against Najib for the sake of the country as the country is in dire need to be transformed and restarted. We need the nation anew. Stop blaming the citizen declaration as it’s the real voice of the rakyat irrespective of political inclinations, religions and way of live.

The members of parliament should have their pride as members of the Legislative which taking care and the safety of the nation are looked after inaptly. Najib deserves to be toppled as the nation is more important to the people. We need a country to be ruled by intact system that is workable adaptable for a long term.

The Japanese used to topple two PMs in a year not long ago, but the government still prevails strongly until today as the one that rule Japan was the appropriate system at work. A strong reminder to Najib’s supporters, you are actually the ones who encouraged Najib to bring the country to the number 2 spot as the world most corrupted nation, that rating was written by the Time Magazine in its recent issue.

Now the Legislative members should have no hesitation to act and put Najib to rest politically. As I have said umpteen of times, we need to have a new nation, that’s it.

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  1. UMNO mengajar ahlinya bahawa Melayu itu UMNO dan UMNO itu melayu. Manakala PAS pula mengajar walaunnya bahawa Islam itu PAS dan PAS itu islam. Kedua2 parti itulah yang telah memesongkan kompas moral orang2 melayu kat Mesia ni sehinggakan orang melayu sanggup bertuankan orang2 korup dan rasuah asal sahaja orang itu melayu dan mengaku Islam. Islam yang diketahui oleh orang2 melayu hanyalah luaran sahaja maka dengan sebab itulah orang melayu ini luarnya sahaja Islam tetapi didalamnya masih lagi jahiliyah assobiyah.

    Itulah yang diajar oleh pemimpin melayu UMNO dan itulah yang diajar oleh tok2 lebai PAS yang besar serban tapi kecik ilmu. Orang melayu yakin sepenuhnya bahawa mereka adalah ahli syurga walaupun ilmu tentang iman dan islam tu ibarat embun setitik kat daun pisang diwaktu pagi. Itu lah umat islam yang Nabi Muhammad SAW maksudkan "beriman diwaktu pagi, kafir diwaktu petang, kafir diwaktu pagi, petang jadi beriman". Islam orang melayu ni ikut selera, ilmu tak ada tapi bila berserban dah berlagak seperti ulamak.

    Islam nak bangkit kat nusantara ni dan menguasai dunia? Jangan mimpilah kalau pemimpin yang korup pun tak berdaya langsung nak turunkan, inikan pulak nak berjihad dan berkorban nyawa menegakkan agama ALLAH! Duit BR1M yang tak sampai seribu ringgit tu pun tak sanggup korban dan tolak kerana takut akan syubhat, konon2 nak berada dibarisan depan berjihad bertaruhkan nyawa? Melayu ni memang suka mengigau da suka dengar cerita dongeng yang karut marut! Melayu sekarang sudah dilihat sebagai bangsa yang paling korup di mata dunia, sudah mendahului yahudi pong!

    Cape Tiger.